Flip Starz Safety Protocol

Staff Guidelines:

  • All staff will be screened before every shift including temperature taken upon entry.
  • All staff will wash hands prior to and after every class or team event.
  • All staff will have limited physical contact with children-only spot if necessary.
  • All staff will be trained on safety procedures-cleaning equipment, temp taking, etc.
  • All staff will wear masks while in the building.

Facility Cleaning & Capacity:

  • We will be using a CDC approved cleaner for all the equipment.
  • All high-traffic areas will be disinfected multiple times a day.
  • All doors will be open whenever possible to help will fresh-air circulation and droplet dilution.
  • We will be operating at 25% capacity until further notice.
  • Classes have been spaced out so there isn’t an overlap during drop off.
  • We have limited our class ratios to: Pre-school 4:1 and School age 6:1.

Traffic Flow:

  • Parents are encouraged to drop off their student.
  • We will allow 1 parent/child in the building.  Adults must wear a mask and adhere to our screening process. (temp taken, questionnaire answered)
  • We will be entering through Suite 101 and exiting through Suite 103.

Health Screening & Masks:

  • Parents and students will be instructed to hand sanitize upon entering the building.
  • Parents and students will have their temperature taken (parents if you are staying).
  • Anyone who appears ill or have a fever over 100.0 will be sent home.
  • Masks must be worn by everyone while they are in the common areas.
  • Students who are 6 ft apart during class or team practice do not have to wear a mask.  They will keep their mask with them at all times though.

Additional Info:

  • Students will also hand sanitize/wash between each event and will assist with sanitizing apparatus when done with it.
  • Lesson plans have been modified to allow for socially distancing.
  • Chairs, stools, and desks are placed 6 ft apart for socially distancing-please do not move them from their current location.
  • We appreciate your understanding during this time.  Please note: these rules can change at any given time.