Boys Program (September 2023-May 2024)

Ages 5 years old & up

Boys Gymnastics ($88/Month)

This class will introduce them to the floor exercise, rings, high bar, vault, parallel bars, mushroom, and trampoline. We will focus on teaching proper body position and technique on each apparatus. Children in this class will also focus on coordination and strength. Some of the skills they will focus on are forward rolls, handstands against the wall, cartwheels with a spot on the floor exercise, pike and straddle swing on the bars, proper run (showing acceleration) and proper board hit (jumping from 2 feet) on the vault.

For the intermediate gymnast they will focus on the following skills in this class: round-offs and bridge kick overs on the floor; back hip circle and pike dismounts on the high bar; 1/2 circle on mushroom; and handstand flat back on vault.

For the advanced gymnast they will focus on the following skills in this class: back walkovers and back handsprings on the floor; glides tap swings, and kips on the high bar; a full circle on mushroom; front handspring over the table onto mat stack on vault; cross support on rings.




Boys I (5-7 Year olds)



Boys II (8 & up)